Published by NZ Business Magazine (May 2013): Got no time? Here’s my top three tips:   • Stop selling. Start connecting others with the purpose of your brand, rather than with the product or its price. • Create conversation. Appreciate … Continued

  Two key roles that the leader of any organisation faces are:   1. Defining the purpose 2. Aligning stakeholder groups with that purpose   Fundamentally, provided that purpose is a worthy one and the leader aligns the right stakeholders, … Continued

  Anyone else noticed the number of brands jumping on the “good” bandwagon?   “Good” power, “good” homes, “good” juice, “good” this and “good” that – so what is this “good” stuff all about?   Let’s start by thinking – … Continued

  I’ve devoted my (brief) professional life to working with the people behind the ambitious, entrepreneurial brands that people know and love.   I’ve worked with a vast range of individuals behind organisations, of all shapes and sizes, across all … Continued