It comes from within.

Let’s play buzzword bingo.

Authentic, fresh, crowd-sourced, values-driven, social, organic, native, local, streaming, user-generated, dynamic… content.

We all want content. Good content.

Content that supports our story, content that will connect and inspire; content to showcase our advocates and engage with new ones. All whilst staying true to the essence of our brand and our objectives. Across channels, across segments, and across each touchpoint of each individual’s unique brand journey.

Sounds complicated.

The marketing and communications landscape has never been more fragmented. The scramble to keep up and unearth the next silver bullet has never been so ferocious.

The role of of the marketer has been to create. And then push.

Devise a strategy. Create content that achieves the desired positioning and evokes the desired emotion within the audience we seek to engage. Then push this content externally through the right mix of channels.

Push. Monitor conversion. Refine, repeat.

But in today’s open and connected digital age, fabricated approaches to communication are wearing thin. We don’t have to listen. If people simply don’t find your proposition that great, it’s getting pretty difficult to pretend otherwise.

What we’re all really seeking is evidence. Evidence of unique value being added, or a difference being made. Moments where something remarkable is created, something meaningful happens.

These are the experiences worth sharing.

We’re all human.

It should come as no surprise that the most relatable evidence comes from the shared experiences of other humans like us. Experiences that are shareable today, at scale, like never before.

Staff, customers, stakeholders – call us what you like. We all connect with fundamental human senses. Senses of adventure, joy, love, pride, fear, freedom, achievement.

But most of all, a sense of contributing to and of being part of of something bigger than ourselves. A sense of involvement.

Because whether we are a producer, a consumer or an enabler of a product or experience, we’re all at our best when we’re actively involved in something meaningful; something we truly believe in, something that adds value to and aligns with the essence of who we are.

It starts with a shared sense of purpose.

A sense of involvement amongst those who participate in the creation, delivery and consumption of value – an actively engaged community – is a powerful thing.

The collective energy of the unique bunch of humans who care enough to contribute.

Today, as much as ever, the key to great content lies within.

Because it is the experiences of our customers, our staff and our stakeholders that best showcase where value is created.

Living, breathing evidence of a purpose in action.

Collectively, who are we? What do we believe in? And why?

Don’t tell me. Show me.

But most of all, involve me.