Love your weekdays?

We all get 5 days a week, or around 10,000 days in total over the course of a typical 40 year “career”.

We spend these days trading labour – be that physical, intellectual, or emotional – for value. Or, in some cases, we spend these days leveraging the labour of others to create value over and above what we could create on our own.

Typically this equates to a salary, or in the case of the latter, profits, or equity, or some other form of financial instrument created to keep the wheels of the industrial economy moving. We’re either contributing labour, or we’re leveraging it.

We’ve been conditioned, from well before our working life starts, that this is how the system works. Learn a skill, trade that skill to someone, receive a salary as compensation for putting that skill to work.

Then, use that salary to enjoy the things you care about. To travel and explore, to court your perfect partner, to build a family, to buy a house, a boat, a nice car, a good handbag, to pursue your hobbies and your passions – whatever makes you happy.

Retailers, salespeople and marketers happily line up, ready to sell these dreams to us in exchange for our hard-earned cash.

The advertising & media industries idolize the dream and surround us with consumerism.

Endure your Weekdays, then enjoy your weekends.

Because that’s how it works, right?


Perhaps it works when we’re all on a mission to create new stuff, new gadgets, new things to buy. Perhaps this helps us build the economy, to create a brighter future. That’s what we’ve been conditioned to believe, right?

We’ve created some amazing cities, where buildings serve as monuments of success. We’ve invented some incredible technologies that make our life that little bit more convenient.

But don’t we already have enough stuff?

When we get the opportunity, we escape the cities to go somewhere new and inspiring. We turn of our technology and reconnect with the people and the places around us. We disappear to the bush, the ocean or the camping ground to reconnect with what really matters. We spend some time in the garden, or doing what we really love. We long for the sense of freedom. The sense of community.

So what are we all working for?

We all get 5 days a week. One, two, three, four five.

Or if you really think about it, 7 days a week from the day we’re born until the day we die. We all have the ability and the freedom to choose how we spend these days and perhaps more importantly, how those who depend on us spend theirs. We can all do whatever we want to do.

How we spend this time says so much about who we are, has such a direct and profound impact on where we end up, and how we feel about the ride.

Would the brightest possible future not be one where we all spent our Weekdays doing what we really love, loving what we do?

Are our Weekdays and the Weekdays of those around us not, in fact, our most valuable asset?

Be yourself. Have fun. Do something you care about.


  • Marilyn White

    This is one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in a very long time. AWESOME! Thank you 🙂

  • Campbell Fraser

    Thanks – I think we need to work together

  • Siddharth Karunakaran

    “We turn ofF our technology and reconnect…”

    Just like to point out the above error.
    Also, great article.