Rediscover your village.

We could all learn a lot from the successful local merchant. 

Not the one that tries to flog us cheap crap for more than its worth, or the one desperate to grab our attention at all cost.

The one who becomes a part of the community. The one who remembers your name, who shows an interest in who you are and what you like, who remembers what you bought last time, and why. The one who makes you smile.

These are the ones who people recommend.

The successful local merchant appreciates the value of the community around them. Their continued success is linked directly to this common bond, built up over time.

When a genuine connection exists, the exchange of value can be a very simple thing. It just happens.

It starts with caring about the product you bring to the table and the purpose it serves. And it requires a genuine interest in the people that benefit from its value, and what matters to them.

People and products come together to create experiences. And these experiences become stories that spread within communities.

When we lose touch with the community that enables us to exist, we lose our ability to influence the story that is told.

It doesn’t matter what we say. The days of being able to retrofit a story to suit our situation have passed.

It is the story told by those around us that ultimately defines who we are.

What’s your village talking about?