Earn it.

There’s a couple of ways to get noticed and get paid.

One way is to pay for the privilege – buy some eyeballs, sell some stuff.

For years, traditional media has provided a sure fire way for average people – who make average products – to reach an average audience, at the rack rate of the week.

Capital-driven consumerism pushed the price up and kept the little guys out of the big leagues.

Now the big leagues are broken.

Rack rates are dropping and so is the cut-through.

We’re seeing a shift back towards the old-school, albeit empowered by new-school intellect & technology.

Social media has provided the catalyst, but is not the end-game.

Great people who craft new value and exceptional products, driven by quality and purpose, have the ability to earn something far more valuable (and more sustainable) than hype; something they own.

Goodwill comes from being emotionally invested – treating people with empathy and respect. And it breeds the most valuable media of all – loyalty, and word-of-mouth.

Whilst cash-fueled noise can provide a short-term shot in the arm, producing something that people genuinely care about creates long-term value.

Those that get it focus on where real equity comes from.

It’s time to play the long game.

  • Simon Jarvis

    Love where this is coming from.

  • That’s a blog post worth sharing 🙂