Time for a change?

Excess, averageness and control – there are the currencies of the world we’ve been living in.

The ideals that have driven us have seen us create systems where the name of the game is to control, manipulate and profit from them.

Learn the things the system wants you to learn. Strive to fit in with society’s measures of sucess. Get a job. Impress your boss but don’t break the rules. Earn some money. Then spend it on the things you’re sold.

Or run a business and make as much money as you can.

An ownership & control mentality has encouraged a society filled with average.

We’ve filled our streets with average products designed for markets of average people – because that’s where the profit is greatest.

We’ve designed our markets (and the ways we market the products within them) to sell more of the things that create profit for those in control. The apartment in the city that you can never quite afford, the overpriced dinner and drinks out with friends, the latest fashion trend, the mass-produced hamburger, the trendy new health drink, the laundry powder brand produced in bulk by holding company X, advertised globally by holding company Y and sold to you in a supermarket owned by holding company Z.

We’ve been living in the world that has created and glorified excess and that’s what we’ve aspired to. We work ourselves to the bone to make someone else rich. Then we go to the shopping mall or watch TV and have more stuff rammed down our throats. Stuff created to drive profit for someone else.

Success has been defined to suit the system. It doesn’t necessarily involve following your dreams or pursing your passion. It doesn’t necessarily involve producing things driven by authenticity and craftsmanship. These have become the “nice to haves”.

The system may have created cash, but it destroys goodwill and discourages the pursuit of the things that are truly meaningful and wholesome.

Until we decide to change the rules.