Passion exchange.

We all feed off meaningful connection.

It keeps us going, gives us purpose, makes it fun, provides fulfillment.

The exchange of passion is what creates the most valuable sales, sits behind the most effective marketing, attracts and retains the best possible talent and creates the most meaningful media. That common bond, that shared sense of purpose, that feeling of delight. Things that we care about.

It sits behind our appreciation of the arts, our hobbies, the energy of social situations, the buzz of the restaurant or bar, the energy on the sports-field and our personal relationships with others. We’re actively engaged with things we care about.

Forget selling soul-less widgets, creating the next gimmick or looking for ways to convince others to believe what you want them to believe. Meaningless connections & transactions may create short term gain, but they won’t create long-term assets.

Focus on your passion, share your passion with others and allow those that get it to connect.

It’s got to be authentic, it can’t be forced and all someone has got to give a shit.

Search for the place where the passion intersects.

That’s where the magic happens.