Enjoy the journey.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.

The vision to design a future state that represents something new, a destination untouched, a source of real value, is an essential component of that journey.

The ability to stay committed to that destination, to put the integrity of that bright idea ahead of all else and to take others on that journey with you is again essential.

Balancing idealism with the endless barrage of day-to-day challenges you’ll be thrown is perhaps the toughest, but equally essential, component.

If the road to getting there was easy – exactly as you planned – then you probably wouldn’t be alone on that journey. You’re probably not creating anything truly that “great”.

Many have climbed the hill at the local park, only a select few have conquered everest.

You can make the best strategy and the best plan in the world, but there will always be new obstacles you didn’t plan for. Indeed there will be times where you need to put survival ahead of bravery – stop and pause, even turn back, in order to live and climb another day.

Do you charge fearlessly towards that ultimate peak, or accept diversion in order to protect that peak?

More than likely, a bit of both.