Instant gratification.

If you do this for me right now, I’ll give you this.

Chasing the cheese can be a thrilling pursuit.

The greedy mouse gets fat and the clumsy mouse gets trapped.

The wise mouse takes a little in order to create something greater.

A large part of our economy relies on instant gratification – the process of trading something now, in exchange for a little more than its really worth.

Sometimes the buyer wins, sometimes the seller.

It comes down to one’s perception of value. Is it worth it? Depends – it’s a personal choice.

We’ve all taken the bait; and let’s face it, we’ve all got to eat.

For those looking to create real assets and long-term value, knowing when to profit and when to invest is a delicate balancing act.

Great journeys require fuel. It’s how you use that fuel that counts.

What ya gonna do with that cheddar?