The goodwill bank.

Paying it forward, selling the future – call it what you like.

Every time we interact with someone, we create energy. The energy created depends on the people concerned, any value exchanged and how that value performs relative to the expectation set.

We either like the person, or we don’t; we’d like to see them again, or we wouldn’t; we either believe what they say, or we see through the sales pitch. The product does what it said it would, or it doesn’t.

Authentic connections – where there is a genuine and open exchange between people, are ultimately the most valuable. These are connections you can rely on. They require emotional labour and they require belief.

They don’t necessarily require the exchange of cash.

Some of the most valuable exchanges are the open exchange of ideas, just getting to know someone.

If someone’s a good bastard, you’ve got their back.

The problem with a cash-fueled society is that this currency sets the only tangible measure of value. There’s no hard and fast way to measure the goodwill created by investing in people and genuinely giving a shit about what you do and who you do it with. And so the industrialist puts the cash first and trains others to chase it. The goodwill matters less.

Building trust makes it easier to make a trade in the future – until you use it all up.

Cash is simply a tool to make it easier to make a trade.

How much goodwill have you got in the bank?