The complexity myth.

It’s actually pretty simple.

The origins of value are people and their good ideas.

Ideas themselves are cheap – we’re designed to have instincts – so realising the value requires three things:

  1. the craftsmanship required turn an idea into a product
  2. business model to deliver the product in exchange for value
  3. mix of people who believe in the value created

Three things – everything else is made up.

Systems have been developed, frameworks devised, taught in universities and business functions put in place to drive the system forward.

This is where much of today’s society has been trained to believe its all too hard. The complexity myth of the industrial system. It requires it to survive.

The result – we’ve lost our instincts. We’ve created followers and cogs rather than leaders and innovators. Stuck in the industrial maze.

If you want to create something great, go back to the origin – the good idea.

Then figure out:

  1. where you’re going
  2. why that’s somewhere worth going
  3. what kind of people you’re going to take on the journey

Then follow your instincts rather than the industrial maze.

The rest will figure itself out.