Best in the world.

She’s a big world out there.

Yet, every new business, every individual, every idea, starts out with the potential to be second to none.

The passion and belief to carve out new sources of value, to go where no-one else has been before, to work tirelessly towards something you really care about – that’s how you create great.

Master craftsmen understand.

The care, the attention to detail, the insurmountable pride in one’s work and why one does it, becomes untouchable.

Authentic start-ups get it too.

The collective energy of a team with their heart set on changing the world for the better, with the justification to back it up, is a powerful force indeed.

Yet – our world is filled with so much average.

Good enough, profitable, cosy, safe – the system around us encourages it.

Stay small and crafty, or start-up then exit – leave the big stuff for the big guys. That’s what we’re taught.

We create industrial processes to reduce risk, increase profitability, make more stuff. We create things that can be managed.

But great has no roadmap. Great is driven by a meaningful cause and the genuine desire to get there.

Scaling up great is perhaps one of the greatest challenges of all.