It’s all made up.

Humans are pretty clever beasts.

We inherited a blank canvas and look what we’ve created.

The buildings around us, the industries we’ve built, the stuff we’ve created, the wealth we’ve accumulated.

Workers file in and out of their offices on a daily basis to do what they’ve been asked to do. They produce some stuff, make a little bit of money for themselves, make some more for someone else and then spend what they earn on some other stuff.

Because that’s the way it works.

Bright-eyed children are sent of to school and then to University, to learn about subject-matter created by those who lead – trained to fit as cleanly as possible into the system so that they can become effective workers on the other side. They get a job and they start doing something that someone decided it would be a good idea if someone did. The system creates cogs, to keep the industrial machine turning.

Strip away all the material possessions, institutional structures, mass media influence and the things you’ve been taught and you’re left with people. People with ideas. People with the ability to create things.

So what “industry” are you in and what got you there? Are you following the rules, or making them?

We’ve got more than enough stuff – start making something great.