Paying it forward, selling the future – call it what you like. Every time we interact with someone, we create energy. The energy created depends on the people concerned, any value exchanged and how that value performs relative to the … Continued

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. The vision to design a future state that represents something new, a destination untouched, a source of real value, is an essential component of that journey. The ability to … Continued

She’s a big world out there. Yet, every new business, every individual, every idea, starts out with the potential to be second to none. The passion and belief to carve out new sources of value, to go where no-one else … Continued

We’ve become masters of deception. We’ve become incredibly good at taking something exactly the same, tweaking it slightly, then packaging it up in different ways and creating multiple products and revenue streams. Baked beans, laundry powder, shampoo, toilet paper, coffee … Continued

We all feed off meaningful connection. It keeps us going, gives us purpose, makes it fun, provides fulfillment. The exchange of passion is what creates the most valuable sales, sits behind the most effective marketing, attracts and retains the best possible talent … Continued

It’s actually pretty simple. The origins of value are people and their good ideas. Ideas themselves are cheap – we’re designed to have instincts – so realising the value requires three things: the craftsmanship required turn an idea into a product … Continued

Humans are pretty clever beasts. We inherited a blank canvas and look what we’ve created. The buildings around us, the industries we’ve built, the stuff we’ve created, the wealth we’ve accumulated. Workers file in and out of their offices on … Continued

Leadership is changing, media is changing – and you’re in control now. The old regime of taking orders, following introductions, keeping your head down, sticking with the crowd, not doing anything too crazy, is the old regime. We don’t need … Continued